“The LL.M. program was a life-changing experience, which enabled me to embrace international business law in its global plenitude, i.e., to engage in rigorous highlevel, multidisciplinary case studies and discussions through advanced education. Moreover, I cannot fail to emphasize that this program, which combines theory with practice, represents an unparalleled chance for an ample, thrilling education in life and culture, in connecting with different ways of thinking about and understanding the international scenario.”

Maria Pilar Michielin Zurita
Singapore campus 2017

“The LLM provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental areas of international business law; and its both theoretical and practical approach is an efficient preparation for an international legal career. The comparative perspective of the course, has allowed me to gain special insight in various Asian countries’ legal frameworks.

In addition, the possibility to combine the LLM with a part-time job has given me the unique opportunity to have a practical legal experience in the highly dynamic market of Singapore.”

Louis-Marie Morin
Singapore campus 2017

“The LL.M program taught by eminent professors of Paris II and seconded by talented and experienced professionals was very enriching and innovative at the same time. I strongly recommend this program to all professionals looking for a thorough understanding of doing business within an international legal framework. The high standard of the institution and the quality of the tailor-made modules add substantial value to this program. I personally enjoyed each module which gave me the skills to be more detailed and to apply the knowledge acquired in my day-to-day work.”

Prema Raghunandan
Mauritius campus 2017

“My professional practice started to involve more and increasingly complex cross-border, international issues, such as international arbitration, international project financing and cross-border taxation. The Assas-Sorbonne LL.M degree has equipped me with a strong theoretical framework in which to view these issues. We were given lectures and case-work by subject-matter experts from various law firms. This practical experience coupled with the strong theoretical framework has proved invaluable.”

Thomas Raymond Byrne
Paris campus 2017

“The LL.M. Programme has proved particular relevant in my field, international corporate structuring and international finance. The flexibility and frequency of courses meant that I could fulfil my professional obligations in Mauritius and abroad. Being able to interact with the top notch professors from one of best law schools in France, while being in Mauritius has been a wonderful experience.” read more

Shaan Kundomal
Mauritius campus 2016

“The LL.M is a very good opportunity because it combines theory with practice, which enables huge professional growth and a good preparation for the international market. Having professors and students from all over the world enriches the experience and provides a different perspective in International Business Law. In addition, the opportunity to study in Singapore is a unique chance to experience the dynamism of the Asian market and its different cultures.”

Luiza Berlini
Singapore campus 2016

“When I graduated last year from my LL.M. in International & European Law I was looking for another LL.M. in another field of law that always interested me, namely business law. After exploring my options and comparing different universities offering this LL.M., I decided to apply for the LL.M. IBL at Sorbonne-Assas International Law School for several reasons: it offered by far the most interesting program; furthermore, I really enjoyed the dual “approach”, which makes this program stand out when compared to other LL.M.’s. The program consists of two parts, where the first part is focused on the theories (given by topnotch professors), the second part is the practical part, where we were taught how everything works in real life, by the best law firms and their practitioners. Finally, the possibility to take part in an exchange program at INSEAD Singapore convinced me that I wanted to be part of this prestigious program. Thanks to this LL.M. I expanded my knowledge of business law, improved my languages, made a lot of new friends, from all over the world and was able to secure my dream-job.”

Laurens Schellekens
Paris Campus - LL.M. 2013-2014

“This LL.M. program, on the campus of Singapore, is one of the best experiences I had, both professionally as well as culturally. I found the overall program insightful, in particular thanks to its practical approach. The possibility to work aside allowed me to have an overview of doing business in Asia, which is really helpful for an international career.”

Marin Houette
(EFB Student) Singapore campus 2016

“The program is both academically sound and commercially relevant, and its wide ranging focus on various aspects of business law will enable legal practitioners to better appreciate the multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary and inter-connected nature of international commercial transactions. The exceptional quality and knowledge base of the Paris II academic faculty and the clear, solution focussed and practically relevant approach adopted by the teaching practitioners are the key elements that give this program its enduring value.”

Vinayagan Dharmarajah
Singapore (2015)

“As a bar student, the LL.M. was an extremely beneficial experience: the theoretical and practical modules offer a deep and solid understanding in a broad range of international business law. Studying in the heart of south East Asia’s dynamism also was an extraordinary opportunity to meet people from various professional backgrounds, in particular during events organized by the LL.M., and led me to think about a personal professional project in the area.”

Marine Legendre
Singapore (2014) | EFB Student (J.-Y. Le Borgne)